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Baby Musical Box

Research shows that when babies listen to music, they not only increase their musical awareness and appreciation, but they also exercise their brain. Just imagine, nursery musical boxes can jump-start your baby’s language and mathematical development as well as their musical development.
Both sides of babies’ brain activate when they listen to music. When they begin to move along with the rhythmic tunes from their baby musical box, it increases their mind-body connection and awareness.
Even if babies are too young to sing along, musical boxes for babies prepare their ears and brain to assimilate and process sounds—an important step in language development. Furthermore,  exposure to music at an early age gives them a better appreciation for music all through their lives.
The fine collection of musical boxes for babies at Angus and Dudley Collections is no exception. From their soft toys with musical boxes embedded inside to their traditional handcrafted wooden ones, fine music and craftsmanship combine to produce benefits that will last a lifetime.
Our “Becca the Bunny” and “Bertie the Bunny” soft toy musical boxes are captivating, cuddle-worthy companions who play Brahms’ “Lullaby” when your child pulls on their tail. With these adorable toys at their bedside, babies soothe themselves to sleep in no time.
Crafted from beechwood timber, our traditional wooden musical boxes feature European design with whimsical themes. Choose from a variety of designs, including an old-fashioned circus, a railroad train, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming, and Special Delivery. All our musical boxes play tunes whose themes blend with their design. Get one now for your little one.

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