Kids Laundry Hamper & Toy Basket

Need a versatile storage solution that can grow right along with your kids? These kids’ laundry hampers from Angus and Dudley come in a variety of styles and colours, many of which your child will be able to display proudly throughout her childhood and even in her teens. In lightweight, durable canvas, these hampers will stand up to even the toughest use.
Use it for a Kids’ Laundry Hamper
When your child is old enough, buy several so your child can learn to sort the laundry according to colour. Matching kids’ laundry hampers in designer colours will inspire your children to put their laundry in the proper basket—not on the floor or slung across a bed. It’ll make your life easier—and teach your child responsibility as well.
Use it as a Kids’ Toy Basket and Storage Piece
These storage baskets can also serve as kids toy baskets when your child is young and to store sports equipment or other belongings as your child grows. When your child goes off to school, she can fold it down flat and take it with her to her university dorm room. It’s that versatile.

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