Baby Furniture And Decor

Baby furniture and décor goes upscale at Angus and Dudley Collections without the upscale price. Shop our range of wall art decor, storage solutions, dinnerware, rugs and playmats and loads more! Baby will be surrounded in high style when you choose furnishings from Angus and Dudley Collections.

Playmats and Rugs
Another way to add a bit of colour to your child’s bedroom, Angus and Dudley’s collection of playmats will give your child’s room a high-end look at an affordable price. These mats are comfortable for crawling, exploring, or just curling up for a nap.
Storage Solutions
Parents love Angus and Dudley’s storage furniture. Not only do they blend in well with the rest of our baby furniture and décor collection, but these pieces provide a place for everything. Our variety of baskets can be used for toy storage, change baskets, toy hamper or a place to store all the soft toys.  

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