Baby Nursery & Kids Decor Australia

When it comes to kids’ décor stores, Angus and Dudley Collections is simply the top of the line. For quality kids’ décor, Australia turns to Angus and Dudley Collections. It’s that simple. The reason? The store sources only top-quality décor for children. Here’s what we offer:

Quality Nursery Furniture and Accessories

Handmade, quality nursery accessories are the hallmark of the business. We turn to local artisans and skilled craftspeople to source everything we offer—from playmats to bean chairs and everything between.

Nursery Décor That’s Both Functional and Elegant

Every item Angus and Dudley offers is hand-selected for both functionality and elegance. Their timeless appeal and lasting quality makes the store an ideal place to select baby nursery furniture designed to last through the generations.

Quality Nursery Furniture Online at Angus and Dudley

When you shop for nursery furniture online, it’s often a gamble. Not with Angus and Dudley Collections. We’re a family business that takes pride in our work—and in our service to Australian families with small children. Know that you can trust that quality is built right into every piece we offer.

A Wide Range of Children’s Furniture and Décor

Our range of high-quality furniture, décor, and accessories for children is second to none. We feature:
  • Kids’ Storage Furniture
  • Shelves
  • Beanbag Chairs and Ottomans
  • Manchester and Accessories
  • Baby Mobiles and Garlands
  • Rugs
  • Playmats
  • Designer Hooks for Easy Storage
  • Cushions
  • …And much more

Your Best Choice for Toys and Gifts

Whether your little genius loves to ponder the mathematical wonders of her universe with an abacus or just wants to cuddle up with her favourite stuffed animal, Angus and Dudley Collections has you covered.

Choose one of our keepsake musical boxes, an adorable stuffed animal, an abacus, or a teepee playhouse for a special gift that your child will treasure for a lifetime.

Whatever you need, Angus and Dudley is there for you and your little one. Browse online to see our range now.