Tolo Toys - Bio Activity Shape Box


An interactive shape sorter. Correctly match 6 shapes in the rotating sorting slots. Then use 2 different options to rotate and capture them in an internal holder. Once all of the shapes are sorted, lift the storage lid to remove them and start the fun again. An early learning and developmental toy made from environmentally friendly wheat-fibre plastic.

This toy is designed to be durable, even in the most demanding of play environments. Its surface is smooth and shiny, with no sharp edges. Its plastics are also BPA and phthalate free. 

Size: L22 x W16.5 x H21cm

Age: 12+Mths

Customer Reviews

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More then expected

This toy I was gifted for my 2nd child's first birthday.

It is used ALL the time by both kids! Can be used in so many different ways and the shapes have rattles so keeps the little ones engaged.

And a bonus that her sister loves it just as much and can use together as the sides are operated separately.

Hopefully use as a register when they are ready.

I should mention at her birthday there were 4 children trying to play with it and they were entertained for ages... we actually had to remove it to go out 😂