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My Rainforest Classroom Book


When the light goes out, the forest creeps in. Join little Charlie on a wild and wondrous adventure of a different kind: through nature's classroom. 

A delightful tale for nature and animal lovers of all ages. 

Recommended ages: for 0 - 6yrs old

Author: Stuart French

Illustrator: Alvin Mulyono

What is this picture book about?

Little Charlie curls up into bed... but the night is not quite what it seems! Guided by the world’s most adorable old owl, Charlie ventures through the forests and oceans of yesteryear. Surfing on top of his bed, he drinks in the beauty of all that came before him, as the vines and animals of the rainforest take over every corner of the world.

An absolute delight for the senses, this imaginative story will have your little one’s mind racing about our precious planet and the incredible creatures within it. 

This is the ultimate book for any little adventurer!

An excerpt from the story

An owl lands at the foot of my bed and his eyes are as large as the moon's.

"Let me tell you a story, Charlie," he says, as my bed lifts under the river that begins to flow through my room.

"These vines and birds and rivers, and these lions and tigers and lizards, they were here before all of us. They have seen the world in all its colours, fished gently in all its streams and jumped between the branches of its trees. They want to show you just why - welcome to our Rainforest Classroom!"

The river rises higher beneath my bed and fish begin to jump over me. They splash and squirm and jump and dive as my bed begins to float away.

It drifts over my bedroom walls and rushes down the street, dancing on the rapids and surfing between the tall buildings of the city. The rainforest has climbed over everything and the fern leaves have almost reached to the moon.

"This is what it looked like before you were here," says the owl, flying smoothly above me, as my bed flows faster and faster down the river. "The animals were everywhere and the plants were their home, and the river ran cool and fast."

The river rises and rises, and the highest of the buildings disappear. More birds gather in the canopies of the trees and the moon begins to smile.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" smiles the owl, landing on my shoulder and blinking his warm and yellow eyes...